As the first company of its kind, it is our responsibility to educate the young generations on the importance of clean, balanced eating and consuming enough nutrients. We are aware that for the people to trust fus:ha and what we stand for, they need to realize the value we bring to their schools and lives.

First: Providing healthy food for schools

fus:ha aims at achieving the golden standard in providing healthy school meals and promoting a nutritional culture in the Saudi schools through:

  • Providing best quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Continuous research and development in studying the needs of our kids.
  • Providing balanced healthy meals with fresh ingredients to schools in a fun manner.

Second: Promoting a healthy food culture

  • fus:ha is an educational platform that promotes healthy food habits using creative methods.
  • fus:ha aims at empowering the youth to take mindful charge of their food choices, understanding the healthy eating basics and improving their overall school performance and lifestyle.
  • Creating a culture of mindful eating through a collaboration between students, parents, experts, teachers, and the community.
  • Creating a series of educational sessions that demonstrate the relationship between healthy eating and good health.
  • Providing guidance to the children to understand the nutritional value of each meal and how to read food labels.


Third: Encouraging the society and children and guiding them towards healthy habits.

We strive to:

  • Make healthy food fun!
  • Balance delicious food with highly nutritious components.
  • Find the balance between eating healthy meals and being physically active.
  • Discourage the use of premade foods and refined sugar in all forms and educate about their dangers.
  • Encourage snacks that are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and free of trans fat.
  • Emphasize the importance of breakfast.
  • Emphasize the importance of drinking water.
  • Encourage the consumption of more calcium-rich and fiber-rich food.
  • Support practices that help youth accept their body size differences and encourage a positive body image.
  • Support practices that help achieve a balanced weight control.
  • Advocate healthy behavioral practices to face social media influences, peer pressure, negative family and cultural practices.
  • Encourage to increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and natural ingredients through various initiatives.

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