Healthy Catering Culture

Healthy Catering aims at promoting a healthy food culture and targets all segments of the Saudi society, especially the parents and children.

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About Us

“Healthy Catering” is the first company in the Saudi Arabian market to provide healthy meals at work, schools or events – prepared in a modern and practical way.

With utter diligence, “Healthy Catering Company” provides healthy meals for everybody and is considered the only local service capable of meeting the Saudi citizen’s needs of healthy food, free of preservatives and at a reasonable price.

All the meals are prepared only using fresh premium ingredients, complying with the global standards of food safety.

Our Team

Our family consists of a mother passionate about health, an experienced dietitian who understands the nutritional needs of the kids, and a chef with a long experience in food catering assisted by a professional and highly qualified team.

These efforts result in a guaranteed health service for a strong Saudi generation.

Our Mission

Healthy Catering addresses the health of the rising generations. That’s why our primary focus is to support these generations by providing them with healthy meals and raising awareness on healthy food and lifestyle amongst them.

The mission of the “Healthy Catering Company” is inspired by the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims at enhancing public health and raising awareness on the importance of health and nutritional food amongst the youth. Such generation will enjoy mental and physical fitness and will be capable of promoting development in all fields and alleviating the burdens on the government and society.

In addition to providing healthy meals, Healthy Catering Company is an educational platform with the goal of changing the prevalent food culture, clearing the misconceptions about healthy food and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Our Vision

We aspire to establish a healthy society that enjoys physical and mental fitness and embraces healthy food choices as a lifestyle to enjoy a prosperous future, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.

Our Goals

The national food sector in the Kingdom is facing a shortage in the supply of health food ingredients, forcing the suppliers to import them from abroad. In turn, this shortage limits our people when making food choices.

One of our goals is to fill that gap in the market, and to be the first local provider of fresh healthy meals for the Saudi society.

The Healthy Catering also aims at promoting a health culture and raising awareness on nutrition and everything we consume. We encourage parents to avoid attractive but unhealthy meals by educating them on how to identify healthy and unhealthy food choices.

As part of our endeavor to educate the young generations about food and physical safety, and to motivate parents to make healthy choices, we aim at catering healthy food to children’s events with at reasonable prices.

We also aim at encouraging the society to consume greater amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and natural ingredients. That’s why we plan to provide schools, universities, hospitals and offices with vending machines offering fresh food and healthy meals.

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