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healthy eating movement

fus:ha is the first healthy school-meal catering service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a focus on health and well-being, fus:ha is a healthy eating movement that provides students with wholesome and delicious meals prepared with fresh premium ingredients that are rich in nutritional value – all without compromising the good taste, cleanliness and flavor. The meals are served in fun, vibrant and convenient packaging, allowing the children to enjoy colorful dishes while getting awareness of the healthy lifestyle.

fus:ha meals are designed by experienced and passionate certified Dietitian who is keen on raising the awareness about healthy food in a creative manner. Through the educational platform of fus:ha, we aim to promote healthy eating habits among students, teachers, parents and wide segments of the Saudi society. Our purpose is also fulfilled by organizing workshops, events and distributing educational materials.

Our Team

fus:ha is a result of mother’s passion equipped with a strong nutrition knowledge and a deep understanding of the kids’ nutritional needs. She is also aware of the rising health challenges nowadays, which enabled her to embody her passion within a framework of a multidisciplinary, enthusiastic, professional and effective team with a passionate Clinical Dietitian and an experienced Executive Chef, both with an extensive experience in healthy food design and preparation.

fus:ha Is Special

fus:ha chefs use high-quality, fresh and local ingredients to prepare the meals from scratch in an equipped kitchen complying with the highest international standards of food safety.

Our Mission

To provide healthy and delicious meals especially designed for students of all ages with the aim of changing their eating habits and building a health-conscious society.

Our Vision

We aspire to establish a healthy society that enjoys physical and mental fitness and embraces healthy food choices as a lifestyle to enjoy a prosperous future.


fus:ha was founded on a fundamental premise: Changing the unhealthy eating habits in the society is one of today’s most pressing goals and is the way to build a mindful and healthy society.

To carry out such a goal, fus:ha has set a number of objectives; the most important of which is to clear the misconceptions related to healthy food, and to provide excellent catering services to schools and customers with the highest quality possible.

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